11 December, 2007

Little Things That Fill me with Joy.

I read a letter in AWAD by someone going through a very bad patch.I pray things will get better for his family. His letter reminded me of the things that lift my spirits &make me smile,giving me respite from my problems.So here is my list:
1. A deep red hibiscus flower that finally bloomed three days after we were hit by the Dec.26th Tsunami.I dont know why but I stll remember that picture of grime & chaos surrounding the flower which opened bravely inspite of the salt -water- drenched-pot,even if only for a day .
2.Any hand-crafted article .
3.Birds' call .
4.Sunshine steaming in through the wuindow.
5.A baby's sweet smile.(this always reminds me of my grand mother ,who used to say -a babys face will wipe away a thousand sorrows).
6. a pithy saying ,full of wisdom & humour-especially the ones that come in"Graffitti"(that comes in The Hindu Metro Plus& Awad).
7.A call from my friend especially when I am down.
I will add to this list later.

28 November, 2007

Colours & Emotions.-The Navarasas

Last week I saw a bharathanatyam (dance) performance by Dr.Leela Samson of Kalakshetra on the T.V.It was very enjoyable & interesting. She had interpreted an episode from Kalidasa's Kumarasambhavam.,which was very tastefully set to music.The second partof her recital was about the Navarasas or the Nine emotions.She had matched them to episodes from the Ramayana .I learnt that the nine emotions had nine colours to represent them visually.I found this very interesting as a student of psychology.I wonder if we can translate them into stitches or textures.That is something to explore & I wonder where it would lead me .My web is certainly getting more tangled.
Today I had got a surprise gift from my mother & sister for Karthigai.I loved it.

18 November, 2007

So, I'm a blogger now!

Ever since I read a friend's blog,soon after we moved to Coimbatore I had wanted to write about the things that touch me .But then I thought one must be very computer savy to do so.It is only later when I visited blogs such as Sharon .B.'s&Bhavani's that I realised that I could do it too though I could not bring myself to press the relevant buttons on the screen.Sharon was very helpful in directing me to the relevant sites thru Mindtracks.I intend to write atleast once a week. Lets see how it goes.The topics could range from Psychology to Religion to Kolams to Patterns to Embroidery to Fabric& Thread Crafts to Creativity & thus back to ....yes ..Psychology.Does that make my web tangled enough?