04 October, 2016

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Dr. Hilda Raja had put the following in her blog. She had also sent me the same via e-mail, from which I have copy-pasted here to make it easier to read. Please write your comments in her wordpress blog. She is very happy to read comments on her article.I had noticed only today that the lines overlap in her site & they didn't in the e-mail she sent me. So I tested to see if the overlap will occur if I copy/pasted from her e-mail on my blog. I don't intend to plagiarise or draw attention away from her. My intention was to improve communication of her message to more people.So please write your comments at her wordpress site. 
I am using this opportunity to get in touch more regularly with her. A lot had happened in my life in the past 3 months, mostly involving travel and family. In fact, I had never been as busy before !So it's time now to connect with old friends.

Madrasas, Uniform Civil Code and Minority Rights-how secular are we?

There was  news item in the Indian Express (30th Sept) in which  D.G.Vanzara-former Gujarat IPS officer called for  while addressing a rally in Godhra called for shutting down the Madrasas asserting that these influence separatists. I fully endorse this view. It is just not a political gimmick but is based on concrete evidence All likeminded people who put the nation above communalism will surely agree with this. One cannot understand how and why the GOI had allowed Madrasas to function. Why the Muslim children should be kept as a separate stream for education. How can they integrate with the rest? Education must not be dispensed in segregation. It influences the tender minds and the children see themselves as different from others. It will be relevant to recall the partition demand made by Jinnah.His one solid justification was that the Muslims cannot and will not integrate with the others. If that was the basis of the claim to which Gandhi and Nehru easily gave in then they should have followed Dr.Ambedkar’s suggestion that all Muslims should leave the country .They cannot eat the cake and have it to. Now we have more Muslims in India than Pakistan-thweirs numbers are ever increasing again for reasons inherent to their religion. One such reason is they cannot and will not adopt Family Planning. Then who is to finance –subsidize their development schemes. This is a grave danger because the demographic pattern of India’s population is drastically changing. Thanks to the ‘generosity’ of Nehru and Gandhi Bharat Mata was pieced. Was this country their ancestry property? Now we have a permanent neighboring country not only abetting but directly indulging in cross country terrorism. We have the Muslim community within the country whih abides with its own religious rules and fatwas.How safe are our people. The netas have betrayed this country for the vote bank purpose. It is time to give a call-enough is enough. If the Muslims want to live here and they devotedly claim that they are Indians then they should follow one flag-one Uniform civil code and not resort to their own religious-read communal/religious rules and regulations.

Which country in the world will yield to this downright exploitation of the people’s tax money? It is in this context one should note the call given by Vanzara-it is relevant. Education must bhe wholesome-must lead to integration and must be weed out any differentiation. Instead it is building ghettos and children are being made to think and act that they are different from the rest of the children. This cannot be allowed. It is in this context one must have a review of the Minority Rights. One cannot go on swearing by the Constitution.After all the Constitution was conceived and drafted at a particular juncture in the history of this country.It is man-made and has been amended hundreds of times. If is was so sacred then why had the netas amended it?Well now is the time to look afresh and review-in the context of terrorism and communalism and the bloodshed and butchering-the splintering of the nation on communal lines and arrest this by removing those which abet such discrimination. According to me Minority Rights are discriminatory in its concept. If we swear by being secular then where does religion come? Why should religion be a yardstick to allow those belonging to a particular religion to administer and manage their institutions? Does religion give them extra ordinary administrative powers? Of course there will be a hue and cry but our leaders should be brave enough to go ahead with what is right and uphold the sovereignty of this country. It is in the same line I would like to make a mention of the NGOs.I have been involved in many NGOs. Of course there are some-very few which are really involved with the poor but a good majority is just fishing in troubled waters. How and why is India a soft country for others to interfere and like bandicoots ferret their way into the polity? The NGOs are the front for many countries to interfere in our affairs and to abet and argument unrest. Would these countries-through the NGOs dare to do this in China-Pakistan and others countries. Why is India a target for such backdoor interference? Let the funding countries scream from the house tops but it is for our leaders to decide what is good for the nation. Look at the kind of reactions and responses we get in India now-will a single Pakistani emit such high sound bytes against its own leaders and policy/No but Indians will. How come this is happening? It is because we have been too tolerant and under such a kind of tolerance allowed Madrasas, Minority Rights and NGOs to flourish at the cost of the security of the nation.  Unfortunately we have a few political leaders who for their own vested interest and vote bank politics support this .It is time for Modi ji to take a call. He is strong and one expects Modi ji to be able to handle such situations. If other countries raise their voice it is time to tell them to keep hands off India’s internal affairs and respect the sovereignty of the nation.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,Vadodara