15 July, 2008

Am I here or not?

When Deepa asked me if my blog has been closed,I was taken aback.I did not write anything since May 19 th because Things became really busy for me at the Home front first and later because of my new job as a Principal in a newly started school.It has only the First Std. and has a lively class of 8. It is very challenging for me not only at work dealing with new people after staying confined in my house [figuratively] that is not meeting/working with anyone other than my family or at the most my neighbours , but also trying to fit in my commitments to myself and my family. I will admit that that there have been times in the past one-and-half months if I had made the right decision in starting to work outside the home for pay. But I decided to stick-on regardless,for the work can't get worser than cleaning up after a Tsunami,would it? And Hard work does not Kill , either.

There are two things that make me like working :-

1. working with children ,helping them learn.

2.the fact that I get home to bring a modest but considerable packet now that is all mine.[this is my first decent job]

So, for now I have decided to continue,come what may.I want to do the best that I can in this job so that ,atleast'that thought will stay with me.I dont expect to be appreciated.So far ,I have not seen that;I am looked with askance as I am the only person who is new in the Teaching staff category;and people are watching me ,to see if I would make a wrong step. But still I mean to plough on.