19 May, 2008

Frustrations vs.Hope

The past week has been one of frustrations for me.I found I could not sign in to join Sharon's stichinfingers.ning. site.Today I found myself shut out of my mail.At least the situation is better now than earlier in the day,when Couldn't access any of my Google account.Now ,at least I could blog about my frustrations.Hopefully these minor glitches would resolve itself by tomorrow.

14 May, 2008


This week was filled with a lot of sadness and cruelty-both man made and natural.My heart goes out to those who were caught by Nature's fury and to those ripped by the terrorist attack in Jaipur.The feeling of shock on the faces of people brings back my experiences and feelings to the fore again,even though it has been three and a half years since the Dec./26/04 Tsunami which destroyed many homes[including mine],families and lives [many of my friends lost their loved ones] in its wake.It would be the same in Myanmar,which was devastated by the Supercyclone Nargis and China ,where an earthquake struck damaging buildings,roads and lives.
In Yangon, human activities and Politics are aggravating the disaster.The earthquake tells us of how disasters come unexpectedly.
What Happened in Jaipur was really cruel -some five to six blasts in a matter of 30 minutes killing and maiming innocent people is truly shocking.So are the instances of honour killings and Infanticides that are being a part of everyday news.
We ,as a society ,must not loose our humaneness and become insensitive to these instances of beastliness.Each of us must try to ensure that in our everyday life ,we are showing kindness and tolerance to our family members and neighbours,at the least.Forgiveness,seeing things from a different perspective and resilience would help us to tackle these kind of hate-crimes.It is really heartening to see Jaipur-vaasis say they will not let terrorists break the harmony in their city.