17 January, 2009

Finnally Connected!

This week we got our Internet connection ,finally. There were some hiccups after the first day but they seem to have settled down (for now,at least).I spent the time since then in catching up with my Emails and visiting my friends on the net. Being connected to the world after four months of not being able to even go to a net cafe seems as though I had been in "agnathavasam" [ Sanskrit for being incognito /in exile] all this while and have finally gained access to /acceptance in the world.

So much has happened since 1st of October,2008 when I stopped working at the School.It was one month since we had moved to our own apartment in a 108 apartment complex in Coimbatore.[Now we are closer to our children's school,though farther from my husband's workplace.] As it was a new building a lot of civil /electrical work were pending when we moved in and stopping work outside was a necessity.We were the only people to have moved in then;now there 14 families including us.Till Vijayadasami, we were the only family.Then they came one by one to join us. Now there is another family on my floor,itself.That feels nice.The noise from outside is not so industrial any more. You can hear mothers calling and babies crying.
My father-in-law became hospitalised[12/10/'08]; we faced some economic hardship[through Nov.];we celebrated 5 festivals -- Vinayaka Chathurthi,Saraswathi Puja, Diwali, Karthigai Deepam and finally Makarasankaranthi/Pongal; my son fractured his right hand [1/12/08] which has now healed. The house is 95% set. I feel more settled now than before. Hope my life here will have more of the nice stuff than the unpleasant kind.