11 December, 2007

Little Things That Fill me with Joy.

I read a letter in AWAD by someone going through a very bad patch.I pray things will get better for his family. His letter reminded me of the things that lift my spirits &make me smile,giving me respite from my problems.So here is my list:
1. A deep red hibiscus flower that finally bloomed three days after we were hit by the Dec.26th Tsunami.I dont know why but I stll remember that picture of grime & chaos surrounding the flower which opened bravely inspite of the salt -water- drenched-pot,even if only for a day .
2.Any hand-crafted article .
3.Birds' call .
4.Sunshine steaming in through the wuindow.
5.A baby's sweet smile.(this always reminds me of my grand mother ,who used to say -a babys face will wipe away a thousand sorrows).
6. a pithy saying ,full of wisdom & humour-especially the ones that come in"Graffitti"(that comes in The Hindu Metro Plus& Awad).
7.A call from my friend especially when I am down.
I will add to this list later.