23 April, 2008

Kolam ,in Tamilnadu / Sona in Angola

It has been a long time since I wrote a post[it seems so to me,at least].but I have been reading some posts ,visiting friends and also finding that I have lost some links,too.Remember,I had linked to a post/hub on Kolams when I wrote on Tessalations.I could not find Mr.Ramanathan's post on Kolams at that spot anymore.Ramanathan had written extensively and interestingly on Kolams,and had created the various grids used in Kolams ,and had made the Kolams that I do on the doorstep beautifully on the computer using Autocad.He had also written on Srilankan Tamil Weddings,the temples of India,and on the Indus scripts and its similarity to Tamil he had given a lot of links to those who had studied and written about them. I have not yet searched on the google for hi posts,but if any one who reads my blog knows where it has moved,I would be greatful to youif you let me know.I have taken a snap of a kolm I did on the area in front of my frontdoor[doorstep?]It hasbeen refferred as the Threshold by many who has written on Kolams;but I don't agree with that definition.In my understading/in my way of using English,the "threshold"is the line/area which holds the door-frame --the lower side of the rectangle that makes the door.
I had heard somewhere that if you need something-whether information,or help,The Lord [with Whatevername or Whateverform]whom we worship sends it our way;it has always been so with me.So I am hopeful of finding those interesting hubs /blogs again.Meanwhile I will give you something interesting,which had first caused me to believe that the world and its people are the same underneath;and that any difference seen are but superficial--be it music,art or even Kolam.

Sometime in 2004/05 ,I came across a book on Math for Children ,explaining the different folk forms of Math across the world.In it I came across a design from Angola which lookedlike/was same as Kolam but for the execution.In Angola these designs are called the "Sona" or the "Lusona";they were drawn on the sand by the village elders[usually male] as they told stories.The designs were the sameones I draw in front of my doorway ,only they were drawn to illustrate a story ,while I draw it at the start of the day as a prayer and as thanksgiving to the Sun and Mother Lakshmi .
Though this post is dated 23/4 ,I wrote it only on 2/5 as I couldnot get a flow of thoughts and words to express myself --which,incidently,is the topic or a part of the topic for this months TIFC.This is strange,as did not think I would be writing on the Topic of TIFC.The colours for this month are pale /lighter this time which I feel suits our summer and the winter DownUnder.

17 April, 2008

TIFC-How it Sensitises our Thinking

This,Lagerterra square, was a sample which I had worked just a few months before the Tsunami[sometime in October '04]
It had been inside one of my many sewing bags, covered with the mud that the wave brought into our house.At that time,I thought I could not retrieve it.;it was covered with the red soil and other debris left by the Tsunami .Even now you can see the Reddish brown tint [burnt sienna?]of the red soil that is used for gardening on the unstitched portion of the canvas .This was designed by the Anchor Design Studio,which also publishes the needlework Magazine - Needle'n'Thread .I am yet to start the bigger piece,as the Xerox of the design has got partially damaged,and because of the several uncomfortable,but necessary changes,that was happening on my home front,since the Tsunami ,that does not contribute to making me feel settled.I seem to be in a constant state of flux,which does not help me in anyway.
I noticed a strange coincidence,happening since I joined the TIFC;I don't know if it is the same with others who have joined :- My thoughts and the words that come out of me[I don't feel as if I am in charge],all seem to revolve around the thought that is posted.It is the same with the colours.I seem to notice immediately in the surroundings ,only the colours that are given for the Challenge,especially in their combination.
This only shows that our mind is getting primed by the challenge to take note of the issues presented and the colours chosen for the Challenge.This is the basis of the psychology of Advertising/Marketing ,too-to prime the prospective consumers, by using a multi modal package that would sensitise all our senses , to take notice of their product .

11 April, 2008

Change,what it means to me/ The Cat's Hold.

The Topic of this month's TIFC is change .Sharon has mentioned in her post how she viewed a change she wanted and how her friend viewed the same.
Change is a fact of life that is a constant.No matter who you are or ,what you do ,you are faced with it.
Some people resist change;others embrace it with both hands.I find that fortune favours those who embrace change. Change is like a wave and those know how to ride it are successful.
For some ,change happens;others make it happen.
Some have constant encounters with change -ranging from the drastic but sudden variety,like natural disasters etc., through the moderate but sudden kind [of falling ill to Chikungunya ], and the milder,but still sudden, everyday variety :- "the auto -to -take -your -child- to -school -is -not -coming-today" kind. Also,the momentary kind as when the electricity goes off just when you want to Blog,sew,or put clothes in the wash.
It is these sudden kinds that cause feelings ranging from mild irritation to frustration to anger,sadness and Rage. Most stress and stress related illnesses like Hypertension,Type 2 Diabetes etc. are due to the after effects of these unresolved emotions .
Those who make Change happen for them are more prepared for the uncertainties that follow it ,like its pet dog .They are the ones who land on their feet;not fall flat on their face , because they were not prepared for it.
Well,I think I fall on my my seat and not my feet , usually. So, I suppose I am slightly better off,than those who fall on their faces , who I think , are better off than those who refuse to get up however way they fall.
I know that we can't cover for every possible liability;that we could not anticipate every fall or setback.There comes a time when you should just put your trust in the Supreme Being .and believe that He /She will never make you face something that you can't handle;or,at least not without resources to help you surmount the Change. For,what is Change if not an exam set to test whether you have picked up the necessary skills to survive it and also His/Her test to teach you to think less of yourself and more of others.,especially,Him/Her . In Indian [Hindu Philosophy] ,this kind of surrender is likened to the way the kitten lets its mother take care of him.

I am in the midst of a period of Change,myself. We will shortly be moving into our own apartment.It is under construction,now.We have to plan for the change we want there -like planning for storage in the Kitchen,the Bedroom,utility,hall etc.I am getting all sort of advice on that.--"have more storage"--"don't have a lot of storage ;you would invite clutter" and so on.

Another Change I am facing is that of entering the world of being employed(being paid for my work). I got an offer to head a school that is growing into its "Primary Years".They are starting First Grade /Std in June.
Managing change is about making Decisions that would help us grow.We feel anxiety when we are not certain of this ,that the change we are seeking is good for us. This is where Belief in ourselves,or in in the One above us ( "oopparwalaa"-they call Him in Hindi) that would help us.
I pray that everyone is able to make such Transitions without undue distress;that they are able to choose wisely and without feeling guilt or fear;that they have the necessary resources to make the Change happen the way they planned it.