07 January, 2011

On Pakistan in the after math of Salman Taseer's Assasination

 posted 7 /1 / '11
This is an interesting perspective on what is happening/happened in Pakistan.Why their country is the way it is-sort of.A good interview with intelligent questions that does not try to talk down to the interviewee as in Indian Media Channels or dumb down things for the Audience.
But I don't think Mr.Fatah is entirely right about Islam .The way most people interpret Islam in Theory and Practice is entirely different,and Its Practice that counts.Maybe he has accepted that the islam he knows is all there is to it. But most Mullahs seem to think different.

Updated 23/3/15 : 

 Is there much that is different since then with Pakistan ?
The link I had posted to Mr.Tarek Fatah's  interview seems to have lapsed. So I have removed link.I also noticed a typo. 'not' has been left out by mistake. I've corrected it today.
  I think this is the original link; not sure though it matches the period.

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