21 January, 2008

Many things to do

Its been along time since I sat down to write and a lot of things have happenned affecting me in mostly a positive way.
first, I've been invited to join a private school as the Principal.It is a new school,starting with the first and second classes.It starts in June'08.It would be an interesting and challenging assignment.
second ,I ve met new people ,whom I think would become close friends.
third I must start putting my head into my books and prepare for my exams in coming June.
fourth the Take it Farther challenge- I keep getting newer ideas before I could follow thru on the previous ideas.Right now it involves fabric painting with acrylic fabric paints.
finally I have to admit I find myself on the back foot as I realise i must learn certain skills to blog successfully, to be able to link with other sites ,and to be able to put pictures of my work on the site.I alsomust learn how I can draw kolams in my computer and also how to develop Kolams to enable children to overcome their Learning disabilities;i.e.how to guage and record progress made.,choosing the appropriate kolams for the many tasks invoved in thinking &writing and eye hand coordination.I also found that I didnot know the English language that well(atleast,not as well as a native)when I came across the fact that Tangled web had a different connotation from the one I had supposed it to have.I thought it meant confused!