11 January, 2008


The colours for the TIFC are purple,mauve,turquoise green,dark gray-green&cream.the theme is some one we look upto.Many ideas come to me.the pictures that I see are of the tall himalayan mountains.The way it can be treated-many viz.1)cut paper ;2)fabric /paper applique; 3)needlepoint-hungarian/florentine.So far,only that much.Many people come to my mind ,when I think of someone I look upto-1)my mother; 2)my sister; 3)my friends -Dr.Vasudha,Shobha,Sudha,Viji & many
others.I have to think on this more.
It took me a lot of time to put this together.At first I could think of only only my immediate circle of family & friends;thinking about the theme helped me find "Reference" figures in my society/country.So here they are.
Dr Kiran Bedi is the First Woman to join the IPS(Indian Police Service).She was ,also,a Junior level National Tennis Champ.As a Police officer she faced a lot of challenges and was frequently given what is euphemistically called "Punishment"Postings which she took up with as much zeal as if it had been a reward and brought about change for the better.The most famous of her contribvutions to the Indian Nation has been the change she brought about in the Tihar Central Jail,New Delhi(one of the most dreaded places in India).She caused the Prison to be a place for Reforming of characters &Personalities &attitudes and not just as a place of Punishment.She also improved the management of this Prison.She was awarded the Ramon Magsaysay Award for her tremondous work ,for which she used Yoga and Vipasana Meditation.