23 April, 2008

Kolam ,in Tamilnadu / Sona in Angola

It has been a long time since I wrote a post[it seems so to me,at least].but I have been reading some posts ,visiting friends and also finding that I have lost some links,too.Remember,I had linked to a post/hub on Kolams when I wrote on Tessalations.I could not find Mr.Ramanathan's post on Kolams at that spot anymore.Ramanathan had written extensively and interestingly on Kolams,and had created the various grids used in Kolams ,and had made the Kolams that I do on the doorstep beautifully on the computer using Autocad.He had also written on Srilankan Tamil Weddings,the temples of India,and on the Indus scripts and its similarity to Tamil he had given a lot of links to those who had studied and written about them. I have not yet searched on the google for hi posts,but if any one who reads my blog knows where it has moved,I would be greatful to youif you let me know.I have taken a snap of a kolm I did on the area in front of my frontdoor[doorstep?]It hasbeen refferred as the Threshold by many who has written on Kolams;but I don't agree with that definition.In my understading/in my way of using English,the "threshold"is the line/area which holds the door-frame --the lower side of the rectangle that makes the door.
I had heard somewhere that if you need something-whether information,or help,The Lord [with Whatevername or Whateverform]whom we worship sends it our way;it has always been so with me.So I am hopeful of finding those interesting hubs /blogs again.Meanwhile I will give you something interesting,which had first caused me to believe that the world and its people are the same underneath;and that any difference seen are but superficial--be it music,art or even Kolam.

Sometime in 2004/05 ,I came across a book on Math for Children ,explaining the different folk forms of Math across the world.In it I came across a design from Angola which lookedlike/was same as Kolam but for the execution.In Angola these designs are called the "Sona" or the "Lusona";they were drawn on the sand by the village elders[usually male] as they told stories.The designs were the sameones I draw in front of my doorway ,only they were drawn to illustrate a story ,while I draw it at the start of the day as a prayer and as thanksgiving to the Sun and Mother Lakshmi .
Though this post is dated 23/4 ,I wrote it only on 2/5 as I couldnot get a flow of thoughts and words to express myself --which,incidently,is the topic or a part of the topic for this months TIFC.This is strange,as did not think I would be writing on the Topic of TIFC.The colours for this month are pale /lighter this time which I feel suits our summer and the winter DownUnder.

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