17 April, 2008

TIFC-How it Sensitises our Thinking

This,Lagerterra square, was a sample which I had worked just a few months before the Tsunami[sometime in October '04]
It had been inside one of my many sewing bags, covered with the mud that the wave brought into our house.At that time,I thought I could not retrieve it.;it was covered with the red soil and other debris left by the Tsunami .Even now you can see the Reddish brown tint [burnt sienna?]of the red soil that is used for gardening on the unstitched portion of the canvas .This was designed by the Anchor Design Studio,which also publishes the needlework Magazine - Needle'n'Thread .I am yet to start the bigger piece,as the Xerox of the design has got partially damaged,and because of the several uncomfortable,but necessary changes,that was happening on my home front,since the Tsunami ,that does not contribute to making me feel settled.I seem to be in a constant state of flux,which does not help me in anyway.
I noticed a strange coincidence,happening since I joined the TIFC;I don't know if it is the same with others who have joined :- My thoughts and the words that come out of me[I don't feel as if I am in charge],all seem to revolve around the thought that is posted.It is the same with the colours.I seem to notice immediately in the surroundings ,only the colours that are given for the Challenge,especially in their combination.
This only shows that our mind is getting primed by the challenge to take note of the issues presented and the colours chosen for the Challenge.This is the basis of the psychology of Advertising/Marketing ,too-to prime the prospective consumers, by using a multi modal package that would sensitise all our senses , to take notice of their product .


kerri said...

Your stitching is beautiful. Thankfully you could selvage it.

Thank you for the birthday wishes, this year was a big round number hehe. I'm so glad you found me, I've really enjoyed reading through your blog too. I gasped while I was reading the story of how your blog's name came to be.

Jerry said...

Hi Sita - what an amazing survival story for the stitching :-) And yes linking colours to thoughts or states of mind is surely one of the most basic of instincts - like the way colours are enhanced when one is stressed. The tsunami must have been very difficult for you, but it is good that stitching and blogging help in the healing process :-)