19 February, 2008

Changes in Traditions

It has been a while since what I am going to say here stewed in my head.Many things prevented me from putting it down;but I dont want to talk about that.I want to discuss what Sharon had written on change in her blog ,In A Minute Ago,on the February TIF challenge ."Change is the only Constant"said Prof.K.G.Rama when taking class for us,the '89-'91 batch of S.W. students at Stella Maris College,Madras/Chennai.She was quoting someone whose name I dont remember ,but this aphorism stuck to my mind and kept playing whenever I had to face a change,both mild and/or drastic.Change happens everywhere-within ourselves,and outside,in our surroundings.Some are Changes that are sought while others creep on us,taking us unawares.I believe the ability to deal with the change gives one success.
The most visible change nowadays in our life is ,as Sharon Said ,is theway our lives revolve around the internet/cellphone& lso the way we celebrate Festivals
The one that I find funny is the way Valentine's day is celebrated in our country.I first heard/read about Valentine's day in a Dennis the Menace Comic as a child.I did not know why it was celebrated or what it stood for.But,today even a toddler knows when itis celebrated ,for what,etc.(It is called Lovers' Day in my native tamil).Earlier Shiva Rathri and Vasantha Panchami were the only festivity associated with February.Vasantha Panchami heralds the Spring season,is mostly celebrated as a North Idian festival and Shiva Rathri is an allnight vigil spent worshipping Shiva.Generally,it is considered that winter is over after Shiva Rathri(i.e. the raise in the mercury level is marked).Today this is observed only by the pious/believing Hindus&quite forgotten by the others.
Another change happened today,now infact;I learnt to "link" and "italicise" and "boldise" thru the relevanticons that have mysteriously(to me,atleast)appeared on my posting site. <

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