21 February, 2008

Things great and small

I learnt how to upload pictures,Made sopme pikcles &a fair amount of housework today.I posted the picture on my other site for which I wrote my first post today.I also got ideas about how i wanted to keep my work for the TIFC together.I must next learn atleast some rudiments of typewriting so that I can do this more easily,atleast without this pain in my neck(literally).I also want to be able to do that again(adding pictures to my documents,i mean).This is the picture I had uploaded .It is a picture of Sri Ganesha,the Lord of Beginnings.He is my personal God,to whom I offer all my prayers and actions.I feel/know he is always with me.We hindus start everything,great or small with prayers to Him.He is considered as the Lord of obstacles(Vignesha)too.

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