08 February, 2008

Mistakes Galore!

The past few days have been very frustrating.I have been making a lot of mistakes in my blog( i had typed a blog on the theme of this months TIF challenge &tryied to link ,and SPOOF! the whole thing disappeared).I still haven't figured how to link.Now i am very wary where I put my finger on the keyboard.
That is not all.I opened my g.mail today to find 5 mail in my spam section. There were from people I didn't recognise (one persn called Pamela had sent more than one mail).I noticed another that said something erotic and I literally panicked and what do you think I did! I didnot open any of the mail and pressed the delete button impulsively thinking that there would be some virus if i opened any of the mail there. THen I wondered if it(the legit ones,I mean) might have been someone from one of the various blogs I had visited or from the response from someone who visited my site and left a comment or maybe even TIFC Fellows/Sisters.Irealised if you delete something you cannot get it back,and I felt very FOOLISH for reacting the way I did. I am very sorry Pamela I did not give you the benefit of doubt and read your mail.Now I know better.I now know it is alright to open the mail to findout if it is genuine or not.(this from my very net/computer savy daughter).