25 February, 2008

Meditation- Needlework

The last three days were quite busy with attending a workshop for teachers (on Reading)on Saturday to attending a very sick chid(my younger one)at home. Today,I learned about meditation techniques on the T.V.(Podhigai Channel.The presenter is renowned for conducting personality development workshops.He spoke on
1).Shabda Meditation:-We close our eyes concenterating on the sounds we aere hearing.Later we focus on only on sound.
2).Vipasana Meditation:- We concenterate on the sound of our breathing only.
3).Zen Meditation:- We count our breaths (inhaling & exhaling is considered as one cycle)to a predetermined number say 25.Then, we count backwards to 1.
I was thinking how handwork/needlework is meditation in a way.We have to focus on what we are doing with our hands.That kind of focus leads to a calmness of mind;speaking of which,ironically ,I have to admit that I am not at all in a calm state now.
{I just had a shouting match with my 15 year old daughter over her jumping in to take over my seat(literally).We have one computer for the four of us.I could only get to blog/google when I have done atleast a part of my housework(which I find is a never ending one)and My daughter is so avid scrapbooker/chat-erthat she sits at the net whenever she gets the chance,especially when someoneelse has openned the net.Somedays I couldn't even come near the computer;so my frustration levels hit an all time high when I find someone purloining my time,especially when I am writing a post.}
Another thing which contributes to my frustration with the net is the frequent current/electricity cuts that we have here in Coimbatore.It makes me wish that I was back in Kalpakkam.As talking about Kalpakkam would fill up a whole page or more I will save it for later.
I will write another post ,soon,on how I think needle work is like meditation or Yoga

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