09 February, 2008

A Post,a Comment&a Response

Dear Mr.Nagata Shojiro,
I read your response to my comments on Kolam on Anil Menon's site,and thank you for the same.I appreciate your kindness in telling me of your work with Kolams.I am also glad you are using Kolams/Psykolo to help the visually impaired too.While kolam has been considered to be a woman's/female art ,it has always been scorned at by the men in the same society.One's Kolam skills will draw comment only when it is poor/nill.When I explained the benefits of kolam they were always surprised.It seems that it has gained some respect only in the past 5 or so years,especially by mathematicians.Mr.P.K. Srinivasan was the one to inform me of Kolam's significance in math.
Traditionally it has been held that Kolam drawing is a skill that shows the woman-artist's intelligence,diligence , manipulative/spatial intelligence,clarity of thinking,creativity&many more .I have personally found pre-occupation,&attention deficit invariably causes me to make mistakes in new/not-well-learnt kolams.At those times ,only the well learnt/practiced Kolams are easy to draw.So I use the Kolam ritual as a guage for my mental preparation for the day.I dont know if the posibilities of kolam in emotional intelligence has even been explored.
regarding Psykolo's use (yes i read the document authored by you &dr thangaraj;it is very good) for the LD children,It will bring far more benefits ,if it is done on paper/ slate/blackboard because it will give them practise of drawing the curved/straight lines that Kolam & handwriting(atleast English/indian languages)demand;Especially with dysgraphia !
Please let me know how I can help.I am talking mainly from my personal experience ,without the backing of any academic certification,except that sas a student of Psychology &a trained primary teacher.I suffer from dysgraphia,too :though I learnt of it Only when I did my teachers training.
with regards
I had read a post on Kolams a long time ago;on revisiting the site to check something I saw that there were responses to my comment on that site.Mr.Nagata had written to me asking me to contact him,but I could not as it was a mechanical reply ,it seems.I thought it might as well go to my blog as I felt it to be good ,and this being my area of work,informative too

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ms Sita
I would like to contact with directly as mostly I could not read your web page Blog

thank you very much your kind response.
and I would like to ask more detail
effects of Kolam for LD and others. My friend of the teacher applied it once.
However they could not continue a learning of them and it was difficalt for them to make Kolam pattern as a continuous line.

I would to like to apply other groups and aged persons.

thanks for your contact with me in advance
best regards
Nagata Shojiro
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