09 March, 2008

Happy Women's Day

I have been busy the past two days teaching/coaching my son(not yet 10,but soon) for his annual exams which start on the 12th of this month.Making a child to sit with his sums when he would rather do something else is very tiring ;I suppose I have not mastered that particular art of parenting.Meanwhile I joined a typing tutorial to learn typing.It tells me that my error rate for the First(home row exercise)is at 12%.I find that I could not use my new skill yet.I am still looking at the keyboard than the screen ,which I suppose is the reason for the pain in the neck region.Embroidery is also done looking down.I wonder how most people get around that difficulty.I suppose I must do some stretching exercises for the pain.
I have a problem .My friend Diana sent me a clip to view.I was not able to see the joke.My daughter tells me I lost my funny bone.I wonder if it was because I am tired-bone tired.
Yesterday was Women's day.There was a discussion in one of the cable channels on the status of women especially in Tamil society.The panel had a lawyer, a Psychiatrist,a poet,a filmaker among them.[The psychiatist is a very savy person who also has/had a slot,Manam Malara(meaning-"let the mind blossom") in the Tamil DD channel in their Morning show.It is my favourite because she manages to connect the way the mind functions with societal mores/norms/expectations.This is a programme for every one.] In the Women's day programme she said that research shows that all babies were made as females ,at first,when they are concieved ;and that Testosterone production starts the differentiation when the feotus is about six weeks old.Very interesting isn't it?


Deepa said...

Hi Sita,

Great to know a fellow Indian with similar interests..
I happened to come across your profile from the comments in Bhavani's blog.Can I have your email Id please.

Sita said...

Hi Deepa thanks for dropping by.Please leave your Email address in the relevant box on the commemnt page,so I can get back to you.

Deepa said...
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