01 March, 2008


Today I tried something new.I tried to join a webring for the TIF challenge.The TIF colours for march is very attractive.So far I had not thought of the feelings that are aroused in me when I see /consider the colours for the month.This time it came in a very strong manner.I finally learnt that I can save the colours onto my computer.So ,I did it with the previous Challenges too.Only a few colours strike our eye &remain in our memory.Why does it have to be so.1) b'coz I am not able to work the challenge as much as I think about it.2)I find the Thought for the challenge more absorbing that the doing part does not come so easily.this month,funniy,it is the colours that struck me first.I have to go back to Sharon's blog to look up at the idea for the month.

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