17 March, 2008

So many Details-Exam Blues

The past week has been crazy.My daughter is having her Board exams(6 exams spread over Four weeks).She had finished her Social Science Exam on the 3rd.She had her Math Exam on the 11th.We are not very comfortable with maths,not because it is difficult but because we cannot be bothered by the many details like the steps involved in the solution of the problems.Actually,she has come a long way-from being gutwrenching scared of the M word to saying "Amma,I love the challenge in doing Maths".So whats the problem,you might ask.The same matter of noticing DETAILS-on her part as well as mine,I feel.She forgot to take her Hall Ticket(so necessary to be allowed to write one's exams).The Teacher had to yet come to her desk when she had realised what she had done.The Invigilator was very kind and understanding,infact very empathetic.She asked the class if they knew my daughter and confirmed her Number and then allowed her to write the exam.She only asked her not to repeat her foolishness.I was feeling agast to know that my dear daughter had not taken my advice to keep her HT safely in her bag and not to take it out until her exams got over;that I did not check /ask her if she had got all that was required.I felt miserable and very incompetent.It took me a week to be able to even think about the incident without feeling mortified.Meanwhile,my younger son who is 10 years old and is in the IVth grade had started his exams too.He needed help with his Hindi which is a subject I dont know much about except to read and write!EVS,English or Math-no problem at all.But Hindi-Written is difficult as he has difficulties with writting ie.Dyspraxia and Dysgraphia with ADHD.
It feels much better now that the worst is over and I am able to put them into words.

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