18 March, 2008

A little bit of Detail

I want to tell the story of why I named my blog Tangled Web.
About Twelve Years ago when my firstborn was a little girl of three,I had gone to a Lifestyle/Home-Life Exhibition to spend the coupons I had got from Madura Coats for buying their threads and other needlework supplies.They had given them as I subscribed(& still do)to their needlework magazine Anchor Needle'n'Thread.I had wanted to try the beautiful designs featured in their eye-candy of a mag.{I had gone berserk buying a lot of things-emb.skeins,crochet threads,knitting cotton,pearl cotton etc.}.My very-curious-and-couldn't-take-no daughter was fascinated by those threads.I saw her interest and told her that it was a no-no and she should play with something else.Was there ever a child who can keep their curiosity under control?!Mine didn't/couldn't.So she waited for when I was engaged doing something else,so I couldn't dissuade/distract her;she got her friend Sai to help her take the small closed bucket where I kept those "fascinating"threads and made off to the shade of casuarina trees that grew just beyond our compound ,to a corner where I could not spot her easily[behind a tree].They both must have had such fun separating the numbertags from the skeins [30-40 nos.] and entangling the crochet and knitting cottons[5-6 balls]and skeins as thoroughly as only two three year olds could.What an amount of time and effort it took me to unravell the whole thing! I was not in a position to throw away the whole lot after going to all the trouble of assembling my resources for the eyecandy stuff that was published in the Magazine. Infact it was a nightmare.After that event ,I packed away all my supplies so that all my attention does not go any where else but in engaging my daughter.It took me almost a month to remove the sand[beach variety]and dried casuarina needles from this Mass;another six -nine months to separate the skeins from each other; and it was three years before I cold go back to the thread supplies shop in Madras/Chennai to help me match the number tags to the appropriate coloured skiens.I thought that was that,until I found ,recently,a ball of fine deep blue tatting /crochet cotton amongst my precious hoard with the tangles still intact.So, I decided that there was /is some ununderstandable connectionbetween me and Tangled Threads that is difficult to explain. This became the name of the blog I had first created.Why did it become Tangled Web?I was always fascinated with a spider spinning her web so diligently and expertly without any formal training of any kind ,but with instinct alone. That's why!

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