19 March, 2008

Finally, A picture.

I have finally got the pictures of my work taken and also got it uploaded thanks to my husband's and childrens help.It was a total joint effort.As for me,I was feeling pretty bewildered by the wholething.My husband had to find the most appropriate setting-with flash or without flash.He also had to find the correct setting for focus.The Camera is something we bought recently to replace our previous manual one.I have to learn how to use it so that I could take pictures myself.
The work pictured here was designed By the Anchor Design Studio.I had done it in the Summer before the Tsunami.I had wanted to make it into a bag or something instead of the small cushion it was supposed to become.The threads and the stitches to be used were as per the design.But i executed the work with a variation to the straight stich recomended.[I used the economy verstion.I am feeling very sleepy so I'll sign off now.I 'll comeback tomorrow with more to share.

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